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Telehealth services offered in Oakland, CA and Louisville, KY

Telemedicine enhances your mental health care by offering technology-based access to communication with your health care provider. At Bridge the Gap Addiction and Mental Health Services, PLLC, in Oakland, California, licensed alcohol and drug counselor Hazel Parrish, LCADC, LAADC, BIP, provides telemedicine services for addiction recovery and other forms of mental health care. To schedule a telehealth appt, call the office or use the online booking tool today.

Telehealth Q & A

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a way of accessing doctor’s appointments without having to make the trek to the office. Rather than speaking with Hazel at Bridge the Gap Addiction and Mental Health Services, PLLC, you use high-definition video and audio on your computer or electronic device. 

Telemedicine can also involve other communications using technology, like secure private messaging and remote monitoring. Hazel includes technologically advanced services in your care plan where they fit. 

It’s up to you when you want to use telemedicine, but it’s an excellent option when you’re out of town, unable to find transportation to and from an appointment, or are sick with something contagious and don’t want to risk spreading it to others. You might also prefer telemedicine appointments if you’re immunocompromised. 


What are the benefits of telemedicine?

Telemedicine has many benefits to consider, which Hazel can tell you more about in relation to your personal circumstances. Telemedicine offers:

  • Easy access to communications with Hazel
  • No extra time required for transportation
  • No extra costs of transportation
  • No need to miss work or other responsibilities
  • No waiting room time before an appointment

Telemedicine also lessens your chances of needing to skip an appointment for counseling or medication updates at Bridge the Gap Addiction and Mental Health Services, PLLC. Ultimately, this improves your overall level of care. 


Which services work with telemedicine?

You can access several important mental health and addiction services using telemedicine. Even if you continue coming to the office for some of your appointments, you can supplement your care with telemedicine at times when it’s the more convenient or a preferable option. You can receive:


Medication management

Hazel checks in with you every so often to make sure you’re getting positive results from any medication or medications you take for mental health. She can adjust the dosage, taper you off a medication, or prescribe new medications during telemedicine appointments. 



Counseling, an important mental health service for many mental health disorders, can be done using telemedicine. You discuss your mental health and daily challenges with Hazel, who teaches you coping skills applicable to your situation. 

Find out more about how telemedicine enhances your mental health care by calling Bridge the Gap Addiction and Mental Health Services, PLLC, or booking an appointment online today.