Long read but worth it BTG saved me and it can save you also don’t hesitate your life depends on it,,, One of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made and this is why I’ve battled with mental issues drug and alcohol addiction lost jobs, relationships, exc. all the above it was a night maire that started around the age of 15 I am know 35 going on 36 I’ve tried doctors I’ve tried medicine but couldn’t get anything under control so December of 2022 I finally attempted my first suicidal attempt with sleeping I laid around for 3 days over a weekend eating sleeping pills Sunday laying around with a pistol in my lap making my mind up if pill’s didn’t work I was going to shoot myself then I gave up and prayed if I could make till Monday I’d get help so my first over stay in hospital and doctor really diving in to a solution he came up with so medication for instantly felt better until January 23 second attempt I shoot myself another hospital trip more medication a few weeks later I felt a tired attempt coming so I made a decision to go to long term treatment BTG is who I chose no nothing about rehabilitation recovery I right away felt like I was at they welcomed me in with open arms and they began teaching about the disease concept of AA and how it works they start reviewing thing I could relate to it all started adding I felt a change I was with them for 8 weeks they finally trusted me with home pass which is we’re I dropped the ball there program was right but wasn’t I drank flipped my vehicle serval times near death experience I was laid up for about 5 days healing Hears the amazing part I called BTG said I messed up with in 24 hours I was on a buss head back to treatment no questions asked and know I recede with family who have been there and done it to God Bless You All

ROGER C. | Jun 01, 2023
Great format and teaching style by Ms. Parrish.

ASHISH S. | Jun 01, 2023
Professional and informative every session

The staff were so supportive of my recovery. I had nothing when I arrived there. The staff did an excellent job helping me meet my medical, financial, legal, employment, therapeutic, and recovery education needs. They really set me up for success. Today, I have a wonderful, clean, and sober life of independent living. They are still supportive of my aftercare growth. I am forever grateful for them!

Ted E. | May 27, 2023
I love coming to class

MOSES A. | May 25, 2023
So far I've been thanking God for the workers there, they're so approciable and kind and help me with everything They're definitely a God send.They've definitely bridged the gaps for me thus far.

WENDELL S. | May 25, 2023
Informative, engaging, always looking forward for next class. Able to apply things I learn to my life and utilize it in a positive way

DAWON W. | May 24, 2023
I was a broken man when I got to BTG. Now I'm so much better! Thank you

JASON M. | May 24, 2023
I will be forever grateful for these wonderful people! I hope others will receive help from them!

MOSES A. | May 24, 2023